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Drunk History Uk is tv series made my one of the best of the world directors. Drunk History Uk is this tv series, you will watch it many many times in your life. Most of this kind of movies, just disappear from your mind, but not this one. It was difficult to find this tv series online and I guess it won't stay here for long, sit and watch, you'll be in shock. The actors really play their characters well. You might not know that but this tv series was inspired by true story. You know what? This tv series should be at least twice as recognizable as it is. I would like to say one sentence to the director - you're amazing, keep up the wonderful work man! Once you enter this magic world of Drunk History Uk, you want to never leave it. Like always after watching this tv series, it makes me want to reexamine this director all productions.

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Country: United States

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